Please contact Carol at under subject, please put "BeadArt"
3-D Green Hummer
3-D Bell Earrings Gold or Silver
3-D chile ristra earrings
3-D Copper Hummer
3-D Dolphin Earrings Also in Pink, Purple or Turquoise
3-D Football
3-D Hummer Peacock
3-D Spiral Hot Air Balloon Earrings
3-D Spiral Stripe Hot AIr Balloon
3-D Vertical Stripe Hot Air Balloon Earrings
4-Leaf Clover Pin
5-point star earrings Mixed(shown), All Silver Tone, All Gold Tone
A-Pealing Bananas Earrings
Angel Pin
angel pin
Artsit Palette
Bat Earrings
Bat Earrings
Beach/Tropical Page 1
Beach/Tropical Page 2
Beach/Tropical Page 3
Beagle Earrings
Beagle Pin
Bear Fetish Earrings
Bear Fetish Pin
Beer Mug Earrings
bikini earrings
Birds, Bats and Peacock Feathers
Birthday Cake Earrings
Birthday Cake Pin
black eyed susan earrings
Blue 3-D Jellyfish Earrings
Blue Bonnet Earrings
Blue Flat Jelly Fish Earrings
Blue Morpho Butterfly Pin
boot earrings
boot pins
Butterflies and bugs
Calla Lily Earrings
candy cane earrings
candy corn earrings
Carrot Earrings
Champaign Bottle Earrings
Champaign Bottle Pin and Glass Earrings
chile dangle earrings
Christmas and Thanksgiving
christmas tree earrings
Coral Hibiscus
Cosmo Martini Earrings
Daffodil Earrings Orange Yellow
daffodil earrings white yellow/orange
Daffodil Earrings Yellow/Light yellow
Daffodil HAirpins
Daffodil Pin
Daffodil yellow/dark yellow
daisy earrings
Dove Earrings
Dove Pin
Dragonfly Earrings in Teal or Purple
Dragonfly Pin Teal or Purple
Easter Bunny Earrings
easter lily earrings
flag earring
flag pin
Flame-The Patron Saint of Hot Flashes Pin
flamingo earrings
flamingo pin
Flat Easter Egg Earrings
Flat Football Earrings Darl or Light
Flat Hummingbird Earrings in 4 colors ** Teal out of stock**
Flat Red,Yellow & Blue Hot Air Balloon Earrings
Flat Spider Earrings
Flat Striped Hot Air Balloon Earrings Long or Short
Flat, Multi COlor Twist Balloon Earrings
Flat-Shiney Hot Air Balloon Earrings Long or short
Fleur-de-Lis Earrings
Fleur-de-Lis Pin
Flip Flop Earrings
Flower Flip Flop Earring
Flowers Page 1
Flowers Page 2
French Flag Earrings
fruit blossom earrings
Fruit Blossom Hairpins in Pink
Fruits and Vegetables
Fuchsia Blossom Earrings
ghost earrings
ghost pin
Grape CLuster Earrings
Green Birdwing Butterfly Pin
Hibiscus Earrings Available in 5 colors Please see beach/Tropical P1
Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons are shown in "Hot Air Ballons"
Hummingbird Pins in Teal, Green, Purple or Copper
hurricane drink earrings
Hurricane Drink pin
Hybrid Johnny-Jump-Up Earrings
Ice Cream Cone Double Earrings
Ice Cream Cone Double Pin
Ice Cream Single Cone Earrings
indian corn earrings
Italian Flag Earrings
jack-o-lantern earrings
jack-o-lantern pin
Lady Bug Pin
LadyBug Earrings Long or Short
large 4-leaf clover earrings
large dice
leprechaun pin
lobo earrings
Lobster Earrings
Lobster Pin
Longnose Butterfly Fish Earrings
Longnose Butterfly Fish Hairpin
Mallard Earrings
Mallard Pin
Margarita Earrings
Menorah flat earrings
menorah pin
Mermaid Earring **Purple out of stock**
Mermaid Earrings
Mint Green 3-D Jellyfish Earrings
Miscellaneous Things I Can't Catagorize
Monarch Butterfly Pin
Multiple Snowflake Earrings
new mexico flag dangle earrings
new mexico flag dangle pin
new mexico flag pin
new mexico flag short earring
nutcracker soldier earrings
nutcracker soldier pin
Orange and Brown Butterfly
Orange Flat Jellyfish Earrings
Ostrich Earrings
Ostrich Pin
Palm Tree Earrings
Palm Tree Flip Flop Earrings
Palm Tree Pin
Patriotic, 4th of July...Anytime You Want a Red, White and Blue Adornment
Peace Symbol Rainbow
Peach Hibiscus Earrings
Peacock Feather Earrings Beadwork is 3&1/4 Inches long
Petunia Earrings Pink & White
Petunia Earrings-Purple
Pineapple Earrings
Pink 3-D Dolphin Earrings
Pink Flat Jellyfish Earrrings
Pink Hibiscus
Pinwheel Pin
Please Contact Carol at 505-984-5037
Plumeria Earrings and Hairpins Available in 3 colors Please see Beach/Tropical P2
Plumeria Earrings White, Yellow or Pink
Plumeria Hairpins White or Yellow
pointsettia earrings
Poppy Earrings Available in Red, Red-Orange and Orange
Poppy Hairpins in Red, Red-Orange, Orange
Puerto Rican Flag Earrings
Puerto Rican Flag Pin
Pumpkin Pie Earrings
Purple 3-D Dolphin Earrings
Purple Flat Jellyfish Earrings
Quail Earrings
Quail Pin
Rain Cloud Earrings Light or Dark
Red Hat Earrings
red white and blue heart earring
red, white and blue angel pin
red, white and blue boot earrings
red, white and blue boot pin
red, white and blue heart pin
Red, White and Blue Hot Air Balloon Earrings
red, white and blue hot air balloon earrings
Ribbon Candy Earrings
Ribbon Earrings Pink, Purple or Teal
Ribbon Pin
rodeo girl earrings
rodeo girl pins
rooster earrings
rooster pin
Round Easter Egg Earrings
RWB Star of David Earrings
Saguaro Cactus Earrings
Santa Beaded Earring
santa pin
Sea Turtle Pin
Seahorse Earrings
Seahorse Pins
Short, Flat Spider Earrings
Short, Flat Spider Pin
Single Heart Earrings
Single Snowflake Earring
Skeleton Earrings
small dice
snowflake earrings
snowman earrings
snowman pin
spider web earrings
Sports & Games
St.Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras & Easter
staff pin
star base flip flop earrings
Star of David Earrings Mixed(shown), All Gold Tone, All Silver Tone
Starfish Earrings
Starfish Hairpins
stargazer lily earrings
Stripe Base Flip Flop Earrings
stylized flag earring
Summertime and Wine
sunflower earrings
Swallowtail Butterfly pin
Texas State Flag Earrings
tiger lily earrings
Triple Heart Earrings
Turkey Earrings
Turkey Pin
Turquoise 3-D Dolphin Earrings
uncle sam pin
Union Jack British Flag Earrings
Valentine Angel Pin -Pink
Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve
Vampire Earrings
Vampire Pin
Western Bluebird Earrings
Western Bluebird Pin
Western Lighthouse Earrings
Western Lighthouse Pin
White 3-D Jellyfish Earrings
Wholesale Accounts Contact Carol at please put "BeadArt" under subject or call 505-984-5037
Wine Bottle Earrings
Wine Bottle Pin and Earring Glasses
Witch Earrings
witch pin
Wood Duck Earrings
Wood Duck Pin
Wreath Earrings
Yellow Hibiscus
Yellow/Clear Flat Jellyfish Earrings
Yellow/White 3-D Jellyfish Earrings
Yucca Earrings
All Earwires are Surgical Steel